Brunch in Calgary: The Best Morning Eateries to Start Your Day

The joy of brunch is unparalleled, especially when it’s set against Calgary’s picturesque backdrop. The city has wholeheartedly embraced the brunch culture, offering an eclectic mix of classic breakfast items and contemporary, creative dishes. Whether you’re seeking a hearty eggs benedict or a vegan smoothie bowl, Calgary’s brunch spots won’t disappoint.

Brunch in Calgary: The Best Morning Eateries to Start Your Day

Morning Delights Await

Brunch in Calgary isn’t just a meal—it’s an experience, blending culinary finesse with the city’s warm hospitality.

1. Sunrise Bistro

Nestled in the heart of Calgary, Sunrise Bistro offers a delightful array of classic breakfast items, from fluffy pancakes to crispy bacon. Their bottomless coffee ensures your morning starts on a caffeinated note.

2. Urban Greens Café

A haven for health enthusiasts, this café offers a plethora of organic, vegan, and gluten-free options. Their avocado toast, topped with microgreens, is a crowd favorite.

3. The Egg & I

True to its name, this establishment specializes in all things egg. Their range of omelettes and scrambles showcases fresh, local ingredients in every bite.

4. Maple & Oak Brunch House

With a touch of Canadian charm, this brunch spot offers signature dishes like the ‘Maple Bacon Waffle’ and ‘Lumberjack Breakfast’, celebrating Canada’s rich food traditions.

5. The French Toastery

Delight in a Parisian  experience, savoring croissants, quiches, and, of course, a variety of decadent French toasts.

6. Berry Bliss Vegan Café

For those seeking plant-based options, Berry Bliss serves vegan versions of classic breakfast dishes, from tofu scrambles to almond milk lattes.

Your Brunch Guide:

Calgary’s scene has much more to offer, and is here to guide you through it. With detailed reviews, latest brunch trends, and top picks for different diets, ensures you have a fulfilling experience.


Calgary’s restaurants have taken brunch to the next level, crafting dishes that satiate the soul and ignite the senses. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, brunching in Calgary is a delightful ritual that shouldn’t be missed.

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