Calgary’s Top Wedding Traditions and How to Make Them Yours

Calgary, with its rich mosaic of cultures and influences, brings a diverse array of wedding traditions to the table. These customs, some rooted deep in history and others more contemporary, can be integrated into your wedding to add depth and personal touch. As you navigate these traditions and decide how to incorporate them, having a partner like can prove invaluable. With their extensive services, including photography, video, DJ, lights, and rental items like chairs, tables, wedding tents, and dance floors, every aspect of your culturally-rich celebration will be handled meticulously.


1. The White Hat Ceremony

An emblematic Calgary tradition, the White Hat Ceremony signifies hospitality and warmth. Newcomers, or in this case, a newlywed couple, are «white-hatted» as an official welcome to the community. This can be a quirky addition to your wedding reception.

2. Cowboy Boots and Dance

A nod to Calgary’s cowboy heritage, couples can swap traditional wedding footwear for cowboy boots. Incorporate a country dance or even a square dance session during the reception to get everyone stomping.

3. The Ring Warming Ritual

A universal but intimate tradition, where wedding bands are passed amongst guests to infuse them with blessings and good wishes before the couple exchanges them. This can be seamlessly integrated regardless of the wedding’s cultural theme.

4. First Nations’ Blessings

Acknowledging the indigenous heritage, some Calgary couples include a First Nations elder in their ceremony. The elder bestows blessings and may also involve rituals like smudging.

5. Mountie Appearance

For a touch of national pride, some couples in Calgary invite a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in their iconic red serge to be part of their wedding.

6. Calgary Stampede-Inspired Events

Especially if your wedding is around July, incorporating elements of the Calgary Stampede, like rodeo events or themed games, can bring local flavor and fun.

7. Multi-Cultural Fusion

Given Calgary’s diverse population, couples often blend traditions from their respective cultures, creating a bespoke wedding experience that reflects their unique love story.

Traditions Meet Expertise

While traditions add significance, ensuring they’re executed flawlessly is key. With, tradition meets expertise, ensuring each custom is celebrated with reverence and joy.

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